Boram Group will be withcustomers at every precious moment.

Group CEO overview 

Perform customer-based management in humble attitude
by performing the original value of mutual aid ​

Perform customer-based management in humble attitude by performing the original value of
mutual aid ​Ideology of 100 year company to grow with customers with managerial philosophy how
“It is not possible to be the best if we work just as much as others.”


Choi Chul-Hong, the leader who practices customer sentiment, love and sharing​

  • Year of birth_1957 at Busan
  • Established_1991 Boram-Community Development Co., Ltd.​
  • Current Boram Group CEO and pastor of Elim Ju Chan Yang Church​
  • Current the 4th and 5th Vice President of the Korean United Nations Volunteer Corps​
  • Current Boram Group Chairman​
Boram Group is committed to becoming a partner in life, a rewarding workplace for realizing dreams and ideals, and a representative company of Korea that is recognized for 30 years in a transparent manner. ​Boram Group promises to become a 100 year company that grows with our customers in a variety of ways, including innovation of goods and services and development of social contribution activities.​
CEO of Boram Group
It has been 30 years
since I established Boram.
In the 30th year of the year from when I was in the 30's, I am now in the 60's.
We spent countless hours together in dreams, faith, frustration and despair.
Many of the people who worked with me for a while also retired from work.
Even my father, who was a managing mentor for me, has gone to heaven,
and now that I am alone celebrating the 30th year of management and
sharing with many memories and resentment swirling in my heart.

Let’s take a look back to our past with me.

I have shared ups and downs and ended up establishing Boram.
On December, 1991, in cold winter, I started my office in the size of 40py on the
2nd floor as well as basement at four story buildings at a corner at Anrak-dong,
Dongrae-gu, Busan, Korea.

With the establishment of Boram Death Care Development Corporation,
I tried to hard to survive. After a year, I ended up relocating the office to a better
environment at Dongrae, Choryang-dong 2 years thereafter,, and established
wedding company. We also had a record of 10 thousand dollar of national
income. Boram has developed in such a long way of journey.

We have shared ups and downs in the history with pride in our hearts wriggling
our ways to share the moments with a million family members of Boram.
This was how we ended up establishing the best death care company in Korea.

Thirty years of history, I have not done anything.

I didn't do anything.

I am honored to be with the God for establishing Boram Death Care
Development, Life, Anycall, People, Boram Carnegie, Boram Uijeongbu
Funeral, Boram Incheon Funeral, Boram Changwon Funeral,
Boram Yeosu Funeral, Boram Gimghae Funeral, Boram Information
Industry, Ringco Remotors, Flamingo Hotel, Prime Tour Hotel,
Castle Beach Hotel, Boram Printing Office, Boram Funeral Instructor
Education Hall, Boram Construction, Bia Logics, Sejong Industry,
Sinwoo Construction Office, Boram Event, Sanga Wedding Hall,
Spa Wedding Hall, Hwangtaeja Wedding Hall, Ulsan Office Building,
85 thousand py at the site of Chuncheon Hotel, 8 thousand py at Jeju
Resort Site, 530 py of main office building at Yeoksam-dong, 11 main offices at Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, and Busan, and 100 branches in all over the nation
as well as the construction of the God Bless Church.


The God is guiding us.

This is not my personal accomplishment, but I was only aiding our team, but they were our Boram organization family members and believers in God
who accomplished our goals. Among them, there were many people who worked for other organizations,
and also those who pursued journey with me for the management. It is absolutely the blessing of the God for how humans make an effort in their goals.
The God is eventually guiding us the journey in front of us even if we plan for it.

  • Boram families have done everything.

    God has blessed us for the management for the past 30 years.

  • In addition, it was the effort of all you, my families of Boram. I do not remember how we have gone through everything.

    It was so much of a battle. We battled against poverty, disease, and attack from our society full of distrust as well as pain from betrayal of our trusted employees and co-managers, and other big companies. It was just a moment for us to be desperate to survive.

  • I thought it was over multiple times.

    I have had ups and downs for so many times. Come to think of it, I have been managing the company for 30 years.
    Our group is now 30 years old. 30 years have passed, and Boram is now about to make a new leap forward to the world.
    These were all possible because of Boram family members. This is the blessing from the God to us.

Boram Family

This is an accomplishment that the entire family members of the Boram group has achieved.

I don't know how all this was possible. I was weak both physically and mentally, lack of education and ability, and always felt lacking in confidence.
So I did not accomplish this, but only Jesus, only the Holy Spirit, only God made all these possible.

This is the achievement of all of Boram Group's family members. Now, after 30 years of business, I kneel before the
God and repent for my inadequacies, my irreverence, my insubordination and my unfaithfulness and my unfaithfulness,
and my compassion and honor the God for the rest of my life.